Thursday, June 27, 2013

Poppies on the corner
It's June, almost July! But it has been a good summer already in a number of ways. We have planted vegetables this year and it seems to be perfect growing weather. I just don't know when to harvest things, so we have missed a couple of good eating opportunities. Nonetheless, everything looks so good. 

And I have just finished a series of playful art sessions with a local artist, who has not only twigged my memory in terms of old training, but taught me some new tricks and I have been eager to find time to paint and play whenever I can. I highly recommend if you have an hour or so, this holiday weekend, dragging out the watercolours, cameras and coloured pencils and just spending some time looking at life through new eyes. It's very refreshing and satisfying. 

Veggies and marigolds

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

more to come

 promise of spring

I am paying a little more attention to the colours used in art direction for movies more these days. Sometimes I think the colours are just the art director's preferences, but sometimes they do set a tone/mood or a time period, from scene to scene, and help to enhance or tell the story.

In Blue Velvet a movie made in the '80's the colours are extra bright, saturated. They help to keep you on edge and are at the same time surreal, like the story.

In Blade Runner, the colours were muted, sepia tones - they created an ambience of a vintage period, but set in the future. It added a patina to the images and the story. Even the wardrobe was an eclectic mix of 1940's clothing and futuristic. 

I am paying more attention to colour everywhere these days. It's feels like it's been a long winter.

C'est tout, that's all I have to say today. Just an observation.

Monday, April 1, 2013

There is always an anchor and a horizon

Not done yet...
It just occurred to me tonight that it seems a lot of paintings, whether representational or abstract include an anchor or centre of focus and a horizon, that one line that draws your eyes in and can even give you a sense of perspective, or not. 

I wasn't able to paint tonight, but did start several pieces this past weekend. Instead of canvas, I bought a few wood mounted surfaces. I like them very much. Not as sensitive and I can sand and do other treatments if I wish. Now there are four surfaces part-way done, just waiting for some inspiration to complete. I don't mind this kind of limbo.

Friday, March 29, 2013

It has been a whole year since I last posted here. There has been nothing to write about - this blog is about the creative process and it was a long dry year. Suddenly within the last couple of months there has been a rejuvenation or a revival of ideas and the desire to paint. But it's all abstract, the thoughts and the outcome. Here is a sample.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

black and white dogs

We went to a Boston terrier meet up this morning. What a strange experience being in a room surrounded by a swirling mass of black and white, barking and snarling like komodo dragons. One even jumped from the floor to my lips for a kiss. They are aggressively affectionate little creatures. There wasn't much opportunity to relax and talk with the other humans there. Everyone was too busy watching their own whirling dervish - watching to make sure they didn't start a scrap.

I have not been painting or creating art in many months. Sometimes I feel like there is something missing. I am so inspired and exhilarated to even talk with someone who wants to, or who is creating something right now - words, drawings, paintings, dance - you name it. It is exciting! A friend and I went to the Revwear show last weekend. A fashion show of recycled clothing, interspersed with performance art and music. It was inspiring and motivating to see what people had created out of old clothing and to hear original music and poetry. Collaboration is key for me right now.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thanksgiving a week later...


There is something consoling at times about a long drive, maybe it's the motion, the road disappearing and reappearing in front of you, the sky stretching out above and beside you. I don't know. Thanksgiving took me to a town I had not visited for over twenty years. My head was filled with the colours of fall and memories that seemed like they were only yesterday. Thanksgiving for me this year, and I guess most years is just an excuse to be together with family, whatever assortment can get together. But I am grateful for this throughout the year. 

Because of the warm daytime temperatures, I hadn't even noticed that fall had arrived. The summer had somehow washed away and was replaced by rust, yellow and red - shocking vibrant red! And the next day closer to home, a trip to the escarpment meant more colour! I still haven't painted in months, though I have been drawing. No visual record to share, but it is loosening up some desire to do more. In the meantime, I am soaking in the warmth before all the leaves have been torn from the trees.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's been a long time

sunflower table
We are in the midst of what I consider the most creative times of year for nature. The earth and the air are filled with plants and animals (including birds) all craving sun and water, growing and reproducing. So, what's happening creatively for me. Well, I have helped a friend create a nest lately and some artwork to "line" it with. And just the other day I started two paintings - not sure if they will reach completion, or get buried under gesso. They were frustration paintings - you know where you are waiting for something else to happen and instead of pacing, you paint. That's how I am feeling these days, waiting for something to happen and no amount of fretting and forcing is going to produce anything genuine. So, I look for distractions - luckily there are lots this time of year.